Things to do in Yellowstone come in a mass variety – how does one even know where to begin? When vacationing for the first time in the West Yellowstone area, the best way to experience all the sights is by taking a guided tour. Yellowstone tours give you the best access to gorgeous photo opportunities to bring home to friends. There are many sights, attractions, and wild animals to see in Yellowstone National Park, here are some of the best Yellowstone tours located within minutes of Lodging at Yellowstone.

Summer Bus Tour

Experience Yellowstone’s beauty on a guided summer bus tour of the lower or upper loop of Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone Vacation Tours, located closeby Lodging at Yellowstone, will provide you with one of two close-up Yellowstone tours of your choosing. The lower loop tour is recommended for first-timers to view the most critical places in Yellowstone such as the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Isa Lake on the Continental Divide, or the best attraction of the tour, Old Faithful geyser. When looking for the opportunity to take scenic pictures and have great canyon views, a Yellowstone tour through the upper loop is recommended. Each tour guide is knowledgeable of Yellowstone’s wildlife. They will be able to answer all of the questions you may have on the tour with stops along the way to capture photographs.

Evening Wildlife Tour

While it’s easy to spot wildlife on your own without joining one of the many Yellowstone tours, a guided tour is the best way to have extra sets of eyes on the lookout for wildlife without the distraction of driving yourself. Nearby Lodging at Yellowstone, Yellowstone Alpen Guides has an adventurous Evening Wildlife Tour, which has quickly become one of the top things to do in Yellowstone. With an informed guide to talk about topics like wolves, wildfires, and the park’s history, you’ll have many questions answered – some you may not even know you had! On this tour, you’ll explore Dunraven Pass and Lamar Valley where you may happen to see a wolf hunting elk, or if you’re lucky, making their kill! By the end, your camera’s history will have unique sights as well as scenic views like the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. This is a relaxing trip meant for those to view wildlife and nature as it happens naturally. You’ll have the option to stop at any time to take photographs or soak up nature's beauty!


Contemporary West Yellowstone Lodging

West Yellowstone is full of beauty and adventure, and we invite you to join in on the fun on any of these Yellowstone tours! By staying with us, you’ll be located close to the best sight-seeing opportunities in the West Yellowstone area. With so many things to do in Yellowstone, what are you waiting for? Call 1-800-259-4672 to speak to a friendly staff member about booking your stay at Lodging at Yellowstone.

Yellowstone tours, a day out rafting, viewing wildlife up close— there’s an overwhelming amount of things to do in Yellowstone. Lucky for you, Lodging at Yellowstone is located in the heart of it all! Summer is quickly approaching, and as you plan your Yellowstone vacation, we know that your itinerary will be jam-packed. We’ll make the planning a little easier as we talk about the best hiking trails in Yellowstone to add to your trip!

Fairy Falls

Fairy Falls is an easy five-mile round trip venture, located just a few miles north of Old Faithful. You’ll start on a gravel road that quickly ascends to a beautiful overlook of Grand Prismatic Springs, the most colorful hot spring in Yellowstone! Instead of taking pictures of the springs during your journey to the lookout, wait until you are at the overlook as it has the best views of Prismatic Springs! The terrain from there is relatively flat with a decent to the falls, just short of two miles from the overlook. At this point, you may opt to turn around; however, when you press on past the falls for another half mile, you’ll run into Imperial and Spray Geysers. This is a great location for lunch, and is perfect for watching the never-ending geyser activity, as well as a chance to spot nearby bison!

Bunsen Peak

In the Gallatin range, Bunsen Peak Trail is a four-mile round trip journey on the tallest mountain in the area! Throughout the trek, you’ll take in the magnificent panoramic views of Mt. Holmes, and Antler Peaks. If you’re looking for a challenge to get your calves burning, Bunsen Peak is not for the faint of heart, but is definitely worth the voyage! Bring hiking poles as you make your way to Osprey Falls, just east of the peak. The sounds of the cascading waterfalls are unparalleled to any other experience you’ve had before. From the north end, Mammoth Hot Springs is visible, as well as Swan Lake Flat and Gardners Holes stretched out below. Bask in nature as you take in the endless hills of greenery, and clear blue skies throughout your quest!

Observation Point Trail

As you make your way through your list of things to do in Yellowstone an easy nighttime adventure should make the cut! If you have little ones joining your walk, Observation Point is an easy two-mile loop that will give you a birds-eye view of Old Faithful. When you see the geyser erupt during the evening, the views are magical. While you’re waiting for Old Faithful to go off, take the time to walk around the lookout as Observation Point has the most stunning views of Yellowstone National Park.

Bear spray and a flashlight are strongly recommended during this nighttime hike

Comfortable West Yellowstone Lodging

After you experience the best hiking in Yellowstone, you’ll find yourself exhausted by the end of the day. During the hot summer days, Lodging at Yellowstone will give you a place to cool down as our Yellowstone accommodations include an air-conditioned room to relax in. When you have a full list of things to do in Yellowstone, start off your day with our wake-up call service or a hot complimentary breakfast! To book your stay, give us a call at 1-800-259-4672, or check us out online!