Things to do in Yellowstone come in a mass variety – how does one even know where to begin? When vacationing for the first time in the West Yellowstone area, the best way to experience all the sights is by taking a guided tour. Yellowstone tours give you the best access to gorgeous photo opportunities to bring home to friends. There are many sights, attractions, and wild animals to see in Yellowstone National Park, here are some of the best Yellowstone tours located within minutes of Lodging at Yellowstone.

Summer Bus Tour

Experience Yellowstone’s beauty on a guided summer bus tour of the lower or upper loop of Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone Vacation Tours, located close by Lodging at Yellowstone, will provide you with one of two close-up Yellowstone tours of your choosing. The lower loop tour is recommended for first-timers to view the most critical places in Yellowstone such as the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Isa Lake on the Continental Divide, or the best attraction of the tour, Old Faithful geyser. When looking for the opportunity to take scenic pictures and have great canyon views, a Yellowstone tour through the upper loop is recommended. Each tour guide is knowledgeable of Yellowstone’s wildlife. They will be able to answer all of the questions you may have on the tour with stops along the way to capture photographs.

Evening Wildlife Tour

While it’s easy to spot wildlife on your own without joining one of the many Yellowstone tours, a guided tour is the best way to have extra sets of eyes on the lookout for wildlife without the distraction of driving yourself. Nearby Lodging at YellowstoneYellowstone Alpen Guides has an adventurous Evening Wildlife Tour, which has quickly become one of the top things to do in Yellowstone. With an informed guide to talk about topics like wolves, wildfires, and the park’s history, you’ll have many questions answered – some you may not even know you had! On this tour, you’ll explore Dunraven Pass and Lamar Valley where you may happen to see a wolf hunting elk, or if you’re lucky, making their kill! By the end, your camera’s history will have unique sights as well as scenic views like the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. This is a relaxing trip meant for those to view wildlife and nature as it happens naturally. You’ll have the option to stop at any time to take photographs or soak up nature's beauty!

Contemporary West Yellowstone Lodging

West Yellowstone is full of beauty and adventure, and we invite you to join in on the fun on any of these Yellowstone tours! By staying with us, you’ll be located close to the best sight-seeing opportunities in the West Yellowstone area. With so many things to do in Yellowstone, what are you waiting for? Call 1-800-259-4672 to speak to a friendly staff member about booking your stay at Lodging at Yellowstone.