Photography in Yellowstone

Incredible photographs take on a whole new meaning when you explore Yellowstone National Park landscapes in the colder months. Wintertime may be a quiet time for visitors. Still, the Yellowstone wildlife is very active and alive! You’ll find everything from bison dig their heads in the snow to reach grass to moose roaming near river banks, as well as wolves trotting around open meadows. If it’s your first time taking photographs in Yellowstone, opt for a guided snowcoach tour to gain access to some of the best spots in the park. 

Explore Outside Yellowstone

There are many scenic areas all around West Yellowstone and East Yellowstone outside of the park, which is excellent for the experienced photographer. The Gallatin Canyon is just an hour north of West Yellowstone and features valleys that go on for miles, massive rock formations, and deep forests. With wide-open landscapes, you’ll find that the Yellowstone wildlife is easy to spot, and the blue sky pairs perfectly with the blankets of powdery snow. The Buffalo Bill State Park is located in Cody, WY, which features the Shoshone Canyon and Logan Mountain which are great backdrops in a picture. During the early morning hours, the sunrise reflects illuminating shades of pink and orange against the glistening snow and creates a breathtaking photo. 

Yellowstone North Range 

If you’d like to explore on your own, the North Range becomes a hot spot for photographers as it is the only Yellowstone National Park entrance that’s open year-round. While in the park you’ll have access to park rangers which are more than happy to help you with area information. You can also contact a Gardiner-based guide who will help you find the best spots for Yellowstone wildlife. 

Yellowstone Accommodations

These are just a few suggestions on how to capture a great photograph in Yellowstone; however, there’s no bad spot in the area. While Lodging at Yellowstone, you’ll be able to start each morning with a fresh breakfast and enjoy warm beverages and refreshments throughout the day during your stay. Kelly Inn West Yellowstone and The Cody Hotel in East Yellowstone are two great locations that will offer you a comfortable nights rest year-round. We suggest taking a look through our Yellowstone accommodations and each area to see what location is best suited for your stay. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-800-259-4672.